X-ray Medical Diagnostic System

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        X-ray image diagnostic devices are often used in medical sites. Photomultiplier tubes are often used to monitor the exposure time of X-rays in X-ray devices. Recently, in the trend of filmization, special fluorescent plate reading device detectors have been used as a substitute for film.


       X-ray exposure meter

       The X-ray exposure meter is a device that automatically controls the X-ray exposure time when taking film for X-ray diagnosis. The X-rays that pass through the subject can be converted into visible light through phosphors, etc., and then converted into electrical signals through photomultiplier tubes. When the power reaches a certain amount, cut off the X-ray to get the desired film density.

X-ray Medical Diagnostic System


Fig.1 X-ray Exposure Meter P275

      Digital Imaging Radiography (CR)

       X-ray image diagnostic devices also use special phosphors called photoexcitable phosphors. After the X-ray image is temporarily accumulated on the fluorescent plate, the fluorescent plate is scanned with a laser, and visible light is emitted according to the amount of accumulated X-rays. The photomultiplier tube converts this weak visible light into an electrical signal, and then processes the digital signal to form an image. Compared with the original X-ray film image, it shortens the imaging time and reduces the error of imaging. After digital image processing, data analysis, high-density storage, and suggested retrieval are possible, and it is being popularized worldwide.