Dynamic Audio Display Button

Release Time:

The optical fiber panel is coupled with the LCD display to form a dynamic display keyboard, which can dynamically display changing graphics and animations in the keys, which overcomes the shortcomings of the single function of traditional mechanical keys.

Features: flexibly change the content and functions of the buttons to adapt to different application scenarios; the product is cool; the structure is durable; the configuration is efficient.


  1. Car/aircraft display button: It can also collect and identify the fingerprint information of the car owner through the optical fiber panel to improve the safety performance of the car.
  2. Game console buttons: Combining dynamic images and slapping design, greatly enhance the player's experience.
  3. Audio live button: Different channels and playback screens are displayed in the button, which can perform real-time visual operation.
  4. Self-service vending machine: According to changes in commodities and prices, the button display content is updated in real time.