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Fiber Optic Plate

Fiber Optic Plate

Product description: Optical image information transmission. The image close to one end of the fiber optic panel is decomposed into corresponding pixels by the tens of millions of optical fibers that make up the fiber optic panel; the regularly arranged optical fibers transmit the pixel information carried to the other side of the fiber optic panel in a one-to-one correspondence. One end; the pixels are combined according to the original arrangement on the exit end face

X-ray Dental Fiber Optic Plate

The fiber optic panel has high resolution characteristics and can be used as a window for image acquisition.

Biometric Fiber Optic Plate

Used as a window for capturing images for biometric identification. Technical indicators such as numerical aperture and product size can be customized according to your needs.

Low Numerical Aperture Fiber Optic Plate

Low Numerical Aperture Fiber Optic Panels

Large Size Fiber Optic Plate

Our company can customize large-size fiber optic panels of different sizes and shapes, with a maximum diameter of 150mm.

Genetic Detection Fiber Optic Plate

The gene sequencing panel is applied to gene sequencing and is one of the key components of high-throughput sequencing.

Multi-Direction Fiber Optic Plate

By bending the fiber optic panel, images from different directions can be integrated into the same plane. The main advantages of the device are small device size, low power consumption, and high integration. Mainly used for 360° panoramic cameras, it can be applied to sports photography, 360 wearable devices, panoramic video surveillance, video conference driving records and assisted driving, drone shooting, robot vision and industrial automation intelligent transportation.

Splice Plate

splice panel
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