Mechatronic/Mechanical Engineer


Minimum Education:


Number of recruits:


Experience Requirements:


Working area:

★Mechatronic/Mechanical Engineer

1. Bachelor degree, mechanical design, mechanical electronics, mechatronics, electrical engineering and other related majors, with more than two years of equipment research and development, design related work experience is preferred.

2. Mainly engaged in non-standard equipment design, electrical control cabinet design, PLC programming, installation and commissioning, equipment optimization, innovation, tooling fixture design and other related technical work.

1. Scientific qualification review system

According to the differences in the ability and quality of each employee, formulate a personal career development plan

Improve work ability through knowledge and skill training, and obtain job rotation/promotion opportunities after scientific review

2. Various promotion channels for employees

Technical channel craftsman→assistant engineer→engineer→senior engineer→researcher-level senior engineer

Management channel (1): Administrator→Assistant→Intermediate→Senior

Management channel (2): management (technical) staff→supervisor (backbone)→administrative deputy→administrative level

Skill channel: Junior Technician → Intermediate Technician → Senior Technician → Assistant Technician → Technician → Senior Technician

3. Diversified forms of staff training

1) On-the-job training In the actual work, we use highly capable employees and old employees to lead new employees, and conduct precepts, mutual assistance, and complementary methods, which really play a role in teaching and guiding.

2) Focus on training the company's business backbone, management, etc. as the key training objects, according to the actual situation, train the management and business backbone in batches and by stages, use the actual "case" simulation, "distance network education" methods to fully train The backbone of the company.

3) Difficult training; according to the actual business content, as well as the actual difficulties and hot issues encountered in the work, special training is provided, and professionals are invited to give lectures, answer questions, and strive to apply what they have learned.

4) Professional skills training The training department focuses on employees' work skills and conducts targeted training according to different positions. Efforts to train a group of qualified high-skilled personnel for the enterprise.