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Development Target
We aim to meet the demand and achieve the goal of value-adding for customer, and to be a global leader of optical fiber products.
Development Mentality
With fiber optic manufacturing technology used in fiber information technology transmission and sensing field at the core, based on the industry of optical communication devices, optical sensing devices and fiber image transmission devices, with the chance of dual-use fiber optic application technology progress to meet the customer’s requirements and supply high cost performance and realize the value-adding for customer, we carry out the strategy of product differentiation to make product positioning and direction choice, concentrating on core business and making large and strong leading business. Besides, we insist on production management and capital operation, strengthening the structure adjustment of talent people, product and market, and the revolution of organization, mechanism and management to activate the enterprise development and improve the abilities of core-competitiveness and sustainable development, striving to be a global leader of optical fiber products.