Innovation breakthrough! Use the "power heart" to boost the "space dream"

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innovation breakthrough

Use "power heart"

Boosting the "Aerospace Dream"


In the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Speed ​​up the construction of a manufacturing power, a quality power, an aerospace power, a transportation power, a network power, and a digital China", and provide space for manned spaceflight, lunar exploration, fire detection, and satellite navigation. Praise for innovation in the field.


Wu Yansheng, secretary of the party group and chairman of the group company, was interviewed by reporters at the "party representative channel" of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of my country. Make efforts and innovate in the three aspects of the source of technology, and build an aerospace power as soon as possible.


In recent years, my country's aerospace field has continuously made breakthroughs, which have become important milestones on the road to building a scientific and technological power. Behind the proud aerospace achievements, the winning code is independent innovation, self-reliance and self-improvement. The Sixth Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology Group, as a professional research institute of liquid power, always pursues the advancement of liquid power technology and promotes continuous innovation of liquid power technology as the foundation of strengthening the institute.


Innovation breakthrough! Use the "power heart" to boost the "space dream"


"A strong aerospace country is based on an advanced technological innovation system and R&D and manufacturing capabilities. It is necessary to implement the innovation-driven development strategy, strengthen the mission of the national strategic scientific and technological force, create a source of original aerospace liquid power technology, and bravely be the leader of the modern industrial chain to achieve high-level self-reliance. Self-improvement." Wang Wanjun, the dean of the Sixth Academy, put forward the goal at the symposium on strengthening innovation work held by the Sixth Academy recently.





Organizational traction and strong support to improve the innovation system


To insist on driving high-quality development through innovation, we must focus on key points and find the right point of effort. The Sixth Academy put forward the idea of ​​"organizational traction and strong support" for the construction of a technological innovation system, built a two-level management system with clear levels, reasonable division of labor, and effective collaboration, and clarified the organizational structure and two-level R&D teams. Form an innovative organizational management and control structure at the top level of the hospital, and play a leading role in strategic management and control, system design, resource coordination, risk management and control, field promotion, and key promotion.


In the third-level units, the key laboratories, innovation centers and other innovation platforms at all levels are the core, supported by the technical teams of various professional offices and business departments, and assisted by the research centers jointly established by universities, forming a strong support for technological innovation and development.


In order to speed up the improvement of the innovation system, the Sixth Academy planned 18 construction tasks in the next three years according to 4 systems, and refined them into 52 specific work plans to promote the implementation of national and group technological innovation plans. From source innovation to technological innovation, from basic research to achievement transformation, the Sixth Academy has reached a new level in the whole chain of scientific and technological innovation system.


Give full play to the role of innovation platforms at all levels to enhance innovation capabilities



"Narrowing the gap on the 'starting line' must rely on independent innovation." With this belief, the Sixth Academy gives full play to the supporting role of the innovation platform in the implementation of major tasks, key technology research, industry-university-research cooperation, and personnel training. . The Key Laboratory of Liquid Rocket Engine Technology focuses on industry-university-research cooperation, releases laboratory funds, and attracts domestic superior teams to carry out research; jointly builds a "reusable rocket propulsion joint innovation team" with Beihang University; establishes a "new turbine propulsion team" with Xi'an Jiaotong University Rocket stamping combined power joint innovation team", exploring new models of school-enterprise cooperation, building a team of "excellent engineers" in theoretical research + engineering development; actively carrying out international cooperation and exchanges, and establishing a joint laboratory of liquid rocket engine simulation technology with the University of Rome, Jointly build the "China-Belarus Intelligent Aerospace Power Joint Research and Development Center" with Belarus.

Innovation breakthrough! Use the "power heart" to boost the "space dream"



The Aerospace Special Component Additive Manufacturing Technology Innovation Center has established a full-process technology system and capability system covering design, materials, forming, post-processing, testing and evaluation, and has realized the demonstration and leadership of the promotion and application of 3D printing technology in the field of military equipment manufacturing. At present, more than 20 kinds of structures, such as high-speed rotating parts and complex shells, have been replaced by the additive manufacturing process of more than 500 kinds of complex precision components, which have been applied to more than 50 kinds of liquid rocket engines, creating a precedent for the overall integrated manufacturing of aerospace liquid power , supporting the improvement of industrialization and large-scale production capacity.

Aerospace Liquid Power Additive Manufacturing Industrialization Center Production Line


Basic research supports the implementation of major national space missions


Basic research is the forerunner and source of scientific and technological progress. The Sixth Academy actively develops the basic research layout of liquid rocket engines, relying on key laboratories, joint innovation teams and other research teams to continue to carry out basic theoretical application research on liquid rocket engine systems, combustion, aerodynamic heat transfer, strength, and propellants.


Mastered the internal mechanism and refined design methods of the core processes of liquid rocket engine atomization and combustion, and the research results supported breakthroughs in key core technologies such as 7500N variable thrust engine technology, effectively ensuring the smooth implementation of major space missions such as lunar exploration and fire detection. The database of basic physical properties of various propellants has been improved, a new liquid propellant type spectrum system matching liquid rocket engines has been established, and new liquid propellants represented by high-energy synthetic kerosene have been developed and applied. The specific impulse has been increased by more than 7s. The first-generation launch vehicle can lift the payload by more than 800kg, effectively improving the carrying capacity of the launch vehicle.


Digital transformation injects new impetus into the development of liquid power


The current wave of technological revolution and industrial transformation led by digital technology is sweeping, and the field of liquid power urgently needs digital transformation and technology integration innovation. The Sixth Academy meets the requirements of the construction of a powerful aerospace country, with the top-level planning of the "Digital Sixth Academy" as the program, and relying on the Liquid Rocket Engine Digital R&D Innovation Center of the National Space Administration, to promote the transformation of the liquid rocket engine digital R&D model and accelerate the establishment of agile and iterative R&D capabilities. Intelligent advanced manufacturing capabilities and systematic test verification capabilities.


In the engine design process, centering on the research of the digital design system, using the MBSE research and development method, and through the application of system simulation technology, it has ensured that the key test run of multiple types of newly developed power is successful at one time, and the cycle has been shortened by more than 50%, realizing "multiple iterations in the digital world, physical It was a success in the world." In the engine production link, the engine assembly line engineering application based on the pulsation assembly mode was realized, which solved the core problems such as the low level of automation in the assembly process and the long cycle of data collection and transmission, and the efficiency of key assembly links was increased by more than 30%. Liquid rocket engine mass production capability.

Engine development based on MBSE


Overview of the pulsating assembly line


Carry out cutting-edge technology exploration and breed new directions for future development



Cutting-edge technology is an important foundation for future high-tech upgrading and emerging industry development, and it is a comprehensive manifestation of a country's high-tech innovation capabilities. Focusing on the innovation and development needs of liquid rocket engine technology and shortening the gap with the world-class level, the Sixth Academy continues to carry out tracking and exploration research on frontier and new concept power technologies. Through advanced layout and strong financial and policy support, it has achieved a large number of original frontiers Technology, cultivate original innovation ability, and open up a broad direction for subsequent development.


In response to the application requirements of reusable rocket engines, explore new cycle methods such as full-flow supplementary combustion cycles, and carry out research on intelligent engine technology represented by engine intelligent perception and control, and fault self-diagnosis; for future reusable single-stage orbital space transportation systems For power requirements, lay out the development tasks of combined engines such as pre-cooled air turbine rocket engines and rocket-based combined engines; focus on the development needs of new space power, carry out nuclear thermal nuclear power propulsion, high-power electric propulsion and other technical research; for deep space exploration and other task characteristics, Carry out research on in-situ preparation technology of extraterrestrial celestial body propellants such as "Efficient Preparation of Mars In-Situ Methane Propellant", and explore original technologies such as the integration of space energy, power and life protection.


From "proving ground" to "big market"


The Sixth Academy has been adhering to the concept of "let aerospace liquid power technology drive and serve economic development", supported by the core technology of liquid rocket engines, focusing on the three directions of "industrial environmental protection, equipment intelligence, and low-carbon energy", and constantly promotes innovative achievements The market-oriented and industrialized application of the company has maintained its core competitiveness in the energy-saving and environmental protection and high-end equipment manufacturing industries.


The Sixth Academy has taken the initiative to plan and plan ahead of time in the field of aerospace hydrogen energy utilization technology. Over the years, it has been exploring to expand the application scenarios of hydrogen energy from space exploration to the main battlefield of the national economy, making liquid hydrogen have broad prospects in the fields of transportation, energy storage, and power generation. It has become a sharp weapon to accelerate my country's clean energy and low-carbon transformation.


In 2021, the Aerospace Science and Technology Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Alliance will be established. The Sixth Academy, as the leader of the alliance, will focus on promoting key technology breakthroughs in zero-carbon emission hydrogen production systems, and promote the development and demonstration applications of hydrogen storage and transportation, hydrogen fuel cells, and vehicle-mounted hydrogen supply systems. Research and development of hydrogen energy supporting equipment such as hydrogen energy ultra-low temperature safety valves, high-pressure liquid hydrogen hydrogenation pumps, and simultaneously carry out large-scale hydrogen energy application engineering and test and test capacity building. The hydrogen fuel handheld torch and the main torch strongly supported the smooth holding of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and the vehicle-mounted hydrogen supply system successfully completed the actual vehicle road test.


The Sixth Academy actively uses favorable financial policies such as intellectual property financing, technology insurance, and direct financing to promote the transformation of achievements, so that more innovative achievements can move from the test field to the production line and to the big market.

On-board hydrogen supply system

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Torch

There is no end to scientific and technological innovation. Facing the future, the Sixth Academy will continue to grasp the "bull nose" of independent innovation, vigorously promote the spirit of "must catch up with and exceed the world's advanced level", and firmly hold the initiative of innovation and development in its own hands.


Construct and improve an open, collaborative, and efficient innovation system, optimize the formation of two-level innovation institutions supported by the Sixth Academy and internal and external innovation platforms, enrich and build a high-level innovative R&D team, and support continuous and sufficient R&D investment and an incentive mechanism that is "adapted to local conditions". Create an innovative culture of "full of vitality and tolerance of failure", explore the innovation ecology of "internal and external linkage" and "open sharing", and realize the transformation and upgrading from "modelization" and "engineering" innovative research and development to "systematization" and "digital intelligence" development , to comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of the Sixth Academy.


With "innovation" as the pen, countless astronauts have drawn a new blueprint for building a powerful aerospace country. Liquid Power people also set their sights on higher and farther goals, dare to climb the peak of science and technology, dare to challenge cutting-edge technology, and use down-to-earth struggle to achieve the dream of looking up at the starry sky.