HONSUN Attended the 23rd China International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE)

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On Sep. 16, 2021, Honsun attends the 23rd Shenzhen CIOE with its seven-theme products——Low-light Night Vision Components, Fiber Optic Coupling Assembly components, Image Display Components, Biometric Image Input Components, Medical Detection Components, X-large Format Fiber Optic Plate and Micro Optical Glass Components.


Low-light Night Vision Components, including Fiber Optic Plate, Fiber Optic Inverter and AVG, which can be used as the input/output window of low-light night vision image intensifier.


Fiber Optic Coupling Assembly Components, including Fiber Optic Taper, Multi-direction Fiber Optic Plate and coupling assembly components.


Image Display Components, including Fiber Optic Button, Spherical Fiber Optic Plate, and display modules.


Biometric Image Input Components: including Optical Micro-Channel Array Plate (OMCA Plate) of different sizes and their application modules in access-control and mobile phones. OMCA Plate have advantages on Large-area ultra-thin imaging, solid structure, easy to clean, high strength, good optical collimation and process performance. It is the first batch of "specialized and special new" materials in Guangzhou.


Medical detection Components: including X-ray FOP, Gene Testing Base Plate, Light-Guide Taper/Light Guide, and their application examples.


X-Large Format Fiber Optic Plate is composed of 4.6 billion fibers by one-time melting and pressing. It is another major breakthrough in the global optical image industry. It can be widely used in X-ray medical device, non-demage detection, industrial display etc..


Micro Optical Glass Components: Through precise drawing technology, precise microtube / rod glass optical elements with various cross-section shapes can be manufactured, including glass tube, capillary glass tube, special shaped glass tube, quartz cover plate, special shaped glass rod, quartz rod, single fiber etc.. Products can be widely used optical communication devices, medical testing, laser equipments, lighting etc..


Our products attracted a large number of new and old customers to visit and negotiate.


HONSUN will continue to cultivate the special fiber optic products industry, solve the pain points of the industry around the needs of customers, and make continuous efforts for the technical development of the industry!