Good News | Congratulations to HONSUN to Become an AEO Senior Certification Enterprise!

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Recently, with the approval of the General Administration of Customs, HONSUN and its wholly owned subsidiary—ORTE, passed the customs senior enterprise certification. The import and export business of the enterprise will enjoy the customs clearance service of the customs department and the clearance measures in the country or region of China Customs and AEO mutual recognition, making the import and export customs clearance business more convenient and efficient, and further developing the international market for the company. To better serve customers and enhance our international competitiveness to lay a more solid foundation.

AEO senior certification is the highest credit rating of the customs. This honor is hard to come by. HONSUN and its wholly-owned subsidiary—ORTE, will strive to maintain, follow the norms in the subsequent work, obey the standards, and follow the established daily work of the enterprise credit management system. Make the concept of reasonable standardization work penetrate into the hearts of every HONSUN staff!