HONSUN Attended China Hi-Tech Fair 2018

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A record-breaking 41 countries and international organizations, plus 61 foreigndelegations, attended the 20th China Hi-Tech Fair. Achievements in innovation, scientific research, the Belt and Road Initiative and high technology were exhibited.

HONSUN’s high-tech project selected by the fair is X-large format fiber optic plate. During the fair, fiber optic image-transmission components were also shown, such as fiber optic plate, fiber optic inverter, fiber optic taper, AVG, light guide, etc.

HONSUN's X-large format fiber optic plate has exceeded 550mm x 350mm, achieving a new breakthrough in the industry. It can be widely used in industrial X-ray detection, high-end display such as aircraft cockpit display, and other fields. The demand for X-large format fiber optic plate market is large and the outlook is optimistic. HONSUN's product performance is in the leading position in the industry, and its cost performance is outstanding. We won favor and praise from the top leading customers in the global industry.

During the fair, the leaders of Guangzhou Government went to our hall to communicate with our team with the topic of talents, projects, and management issues. The government attached great importance to the development of high-tech enterprises, especially the projects and enterprises that integrate military and civilian.

With taking “customers” as the center, HONSUN has established the all-around service model and extensive and stable cooperation with the global “high-end customers” on “high-end products”, and we really cherish and will do our best to support every customer.