The Active Device Workshop Has Come Into Use In The Company

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Combined with the development of China's optical active devices and the specific technological accumulation and reserves of Jiangxi Fibersense, in October 2017, part of assets and core technicians from Jiangxi Fibersense officially joined the HonSun Opto-electronic Co., Ltd upon the decision of the board, becoming the active device production line owned by ORTE, the wholly-owned subsidiary of HONSUN. 

Fibersense Devices Co.,Ltd in Jiangxi province, which was established in November 2011, mainly specialized in R&D and mass production of optical components and subsystems. And Fibersense has possessed the capability of technology and manufacture, ranging from ASE and SLD sensors broadband light source, series of special wavelength laser(1550nm,1653nm etc. ), PIN-FET with low noise and high sensitivity, APD optical receiving module with a refrigerator, 980nm pump laser, erbium-doped optical fiber amplifier (EDFA), 310nm/1550nm CATV DFB laser to optical transmitters etc.

At present, the important equipment and core technicians related to Jiangxi Fibersense have been in place. And also the active device workshop has officially come into use in the company. With the combination of technology between our company and Jianxi Fibersense, we will build a more specialized, multi-functional and completed optical communication industry chain to promote the company development at full speed, and keep moving forward to realize the corporate vision of the leading opto-electronic apparatus enterprise of the world.