Large-scale Cleaning Equipment Has Come Into Use

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In late September, with the completion of the company's power grid capacity expansion connection, ultrasonic cleaning equipment for the raw materials of cold working cleaning process has officially come into use. The device size is about 3600x2300x100 (mm). It can automatically clean the cladding glass and core glass. Operators only need to move the cleaning materials to the designated place. Then the manipulator will sequentially move the cladding material into five functional grooves such as cleaning and rinsing etc. to clean the surface of the workpieces, relying on the mechanical vibration force produced by 234 ultrasonic vibrators and decontamination function of chemical cleaning agent .

The equipment has realized automatic control by PLC. It has the advantages of high cleaning efficiency, good decontamination effect, suitability for mass production etc.. As it officially comes into use, it can solve the problem of cleaning process relying on manual cleaning, thus greatly improving the production efficiency. And it also plays a role in improving product quality and reducing the labor intensity of staff.