Two products of Honsun Optoelectronics successfully passed the first batch of certification of key new materials

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Recently, Honsun Optoelectronics' two products, "high-contrast optical fiber inverter" and "optical micro-channel array glass panel", successfully passed the first batch of certification of key new materials and obtained the certification. The two product series are key materials developed by Honsun Optoelectronics around low-light night vision and key industry product upgrades and program innovation needs. They contribute to the upgrading and development of the industry with the strength of our Honsun people, demonstrating Honsun Optoelectronics' continuous product innovation. strength and level.

The high-contrast fiber optic inverter is a new fiber optic image transmission material developed by our company for the new generation of high-performance low-light night vision technology. The company has the independent intellectual property rights of the core technology of the product. Compared with traditional fiber optic image inverters, this product has the advantages of high image transmission contrast and clearer images. This product has been applied in batches at present, and with the upgrading of night vision equipment in various countries, high-contrast fiber optic inverters will become the mainstream, with huge market demand potential and broad development prospects.

The optical microchannel array glass panel is a new material developed by our company for customers who need small hole imaging such as fingerprint recognition technology and vein recognition under the mobile phone screen. The production of this product adopts innovative technical solutions to meet the needs of customers in related industries. It is currently used as a key imaging material in batches for under-screen fingerprint recognition technology and intelligent security systems. Compared with the lens-type optical fingerprint recognition technology, the thickness of the module using the optical microchannel array glass panel can be made thinner and the area can be made larger, so it has excellent product features in the application field of large-area biometric recognition systems , has a good market application prospect.

We firmly believe that "innovation is the source of enterprise development", our company will continue to deepen the field of optical fiber image transmission products, continue to develop products that meet the application requirements for the development of the industry, solve the needs of industry customers for new materials in the field of innovation, and promote High-quality development of enterprises.