Employees' birthday party-Grow up to meet unexpectedly, birthday to arrive on schedule

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Chrysanthemums dance with golden yellow to welcome the frost, maple leaves turn red as the sunshine. In the cool October of autumn, we once again welcome the moment to celebrate birthdays for all the lovely birthday stars. In addition to the usual longevity noodles, exquisite cakes, sweet baked desserts, sour and sweet lemon tea, fried chicken wings and other delicious food, our Youth League members also prepared wonderful singing and dancing performances for this birthday party.

Next came the most interesting game segment, the first game was Pingpong Gobang: The birthday stars were divided into two teams, each with 15 different colored pingpong balls. The players alternately hit the pingpong balls to the ground, bounced them up, and dropped them, dropping them into a blank chicken egg tray. The five balls formed a line, which was a successful challenge. This game not only tests strategy, but also greatly tests the players' throwing skills. During the game, some players made mistakes due to being too nervous, but others successfully threw the ball into the chessboard with exceptional skills. In the end, the two teams went through four exciting matches before deciding the winner. The entire game segment was filled with laughter and a tense and stimulating atmosphere, which also made them more united and collaborative;

The second game is Magic Pen Ma Liang, which is a very challenging game for teamwork. Before the game starts, the two groups of players need to tie the rope to various positions of the pen, and can only work together to write the three words "birthday party" by pulling their corresponding rope. This game not only requires the patience and attention of the team members, but also their teamwork spirit and tacit understanding.

After the game started, the team members quickly entered a state of mind. They worked together, united as one, and each person played their own role. Each team member tries their best to adjust the position of the rope in order to write good characters. In the end, both groups of team members successfully wrote the three words' birthday party '. This game not only made the team members feel the power of teamwork, but also made them realize that each person has their own value and role in the team. During this process, the tacit understanding and cooperation among the team members were further enhanced.

In the end, our classic group photo session is still indispensable! At this moment, the camera captured the sweetness and joy of the birthday party, becoming an eternal memory in the hearts of every friend. May everyone always maintain their passion for life, work happily, and live happily!