Youth League made elaborate preparations for the staff birthday party in July&August

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Familiar processes, the same venue, but each time carrying different wishes from the birthday person. In the well-decorating venue, birthday person sang birthday songs, cut cakes, and played games together. Seeing you who are different from usual, gentle, emotional, and lovely...


This birthday party prepared exquisite cakes, sweet cakes, iced watermelons, sweet and sour lemon tea, fried chicken, snacks, longevity noodles for the birthday person. Everyone chatted while enjoying a delicious dinner, and the scene was filled with laughter and laughter, making it particularly warm.

The birthday party starts at 6:30 pm, with the first segment featuring exciting gaming activities. Pinning table tennis is a game that tests individual balance, team collaboration, and fun activities. The birthday stars are divided into several groups. They carefully study and speculate on the game's strategy, constantly adjust their plans, share experiences with teammates, and work together to win awards.

Guess what I Drew is a game of drawing and guessing words, expressing the words you see through drawing and passing them on to the last teammate to guess idioms. It is a puzzle and fun game. Participants can fully unleash their creativity, imagination, and artistic abilities in the game, where they can discover that their teammates belong to abstractionism, impressionism, realism...

A few strokes and ink strokes resonate with one's heart. This is a picture made by a group. Can you guess the idiom? This idiom is' tiger's head and snake's tail ', it means a fine start but a poor finish. Can you feel that our participants have a rich imagination and vividly draw.


The well organized game segment by the Youth League Committee provides a platform for everyone to showcase themselves, which is conducive to promoting emotions and tacit understanding among members, showcasing their positive and upward spirit, increasing their enjoyment of life, and improving their collaboration, communication, and thinking activity.

Finally, there is our classic group photo segment, which records the sweetness and happiness of our birthday party at this moment. Every birthday is a new milestone in life, with long time and memories. May we always maintain our passion for life, work here, and be happy here.