2023 Graduates join Induction Training

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According to the company's business development needs and the overall planning of human resources, the company introduced many fresh graduates, who majored in Materials, Optical Information, Communication, Applied Physics, Mechanics, etc. In order to integrate graduates into the company, change their role from students to employees, grow into useful talents of the company, and become a great boost for the company's development, the company organized a one-week centralized training session on July 4.

The training focuses on passing on to the new employees the vision, awareness, mentality, corporate culture, philosophy, values, professional ethics, literacy, etiquette, quality, safety and the basic situation of the company, and it also focuses on the training of teamwork, cooperation, communication and the building of three abilities. The training also assigned one-on-one technical tutors and one-on-many masters for each new graduate. The company held a grand ceremony and arranged thematic discussions and outdoor training. These events are rich in content, diverse in form and interactive, delivering excellent results.