HONSUN has successfully passed the 3rd-party Audit of the Quality Management System

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June 26-28, 2023, with the efforts and cooperation of the whole staff, HONSUN successfully passed the first supervision and audit after the certificate renewal.

This audit is conducted by Mr. Yu and Mr. Yao of the JunYou ChengXin Testing and Certification Co., Ltd. Compared with the audit process last year, the data preparation of all departments is more adequate, the production site all processes and each workshop are orderly, the company's spiritual outlook, corporate culture has also been fully recognized by the audit teachers.

The audit issued four non-conformable item and several suggested rectification items. Although the overall system runs smoothly and effectively, there are still many shortcomings and areas that need to be improved. The quality planning work of each department is still superficial, not closely integrated with actual work, not grounded, the documents are not coherent, there is no overall framework, and loopholes are prone to occur. There are also many defects in site management, and there are many places where corrective and preventive measures need to be taken. Therefore, we should combine theory with practice, integrate the quality system work into the actual production process, and let the quality system truly guide production and improve efficiency. Only in this way can all aspects of work be more solid and in-depth, and the company's development be smoother.