Good News! ORTE was honored the 1st Batch of Provincial Manufacturing Single Champion Enterprise (Product)

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Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced the Notice of Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology on Issuing the List of the 1st Batch of Single Champion Enterprises (Products) in the Manufacturing Industry in Guangdong Province, Guangdong  Industry and Information Technology Planning Policy Letter No. 20 [2023]. With strong technical innovation ability and brand, product advantages, With its strong technological innovation capabilities and brand and product advantages,  Guangzhou ORTE Photonics Co., Ltd. stood out among many outstanding enterprises and successfully won the 1st batch of provincial manufacturing champion enterprises (products) in Guangdong Province.

The manufacturing single champion enterprise (product) refers to the enterprise that has focused on the manufacturing specific subdivision product market for a long time, the production technology or the process is the world leader, the single product market share ranks among the top in the world; the enterprise that is selected must have the highest technical level and the largest market share in the global manufacturing segment, and are the vanguard of "Made in China".

The successful selection in the list of provincial manufacturing single champion enterprises not only highlights the strong brand influence and leading position of ORTE Photonics (fiber coupler) in the global optical communication device market, but also fully reflects the high affirmation of the brand value and comprehensive strength of ORTE Photonics by relevant departments. In the future, ORTE Photonics will continue to adhere to the corporate goal of "To be a global leader of optical fiber products",  becoming a champion enterprise and a champion product, continuously improving the strength of core technology R & D, speeding up the development of new markets and new channels, and tamping the global brand leadership position.