Warmly congratulate Honsun on receiving the first batch of key new material application demonstration awards

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Warmly congratulate Honsun on receiving the first batch of key new material application demonstration awards from the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology in 2022 for our Optical Micro Channel Array Plate and High Contrast Fiber Optic Inverter.

Product Introduction - High Contrast Fiber Optic Inverter

High contrast fiber optic inverter transmit optical images from one to the other by twisting the image 180 degrees based on the principle of total reflection of light, achieving passive transmission of optical images with higher resolution, smaller image distortion, and higher contrast. The product is suitable as an output window for images in the image intensifier of low light night vision devices and is a key optical component.

High contrast fiber optic inverters are updated products developed to meet the needs of customers in the application field of the fourth generation low light night vision technology. They adopt innovative technologies in glass formula and manufacturing technology to meet customers' high contrast performance needs.


Product Introduction - Optical Micro Channel Array Plate

The Optical Micro Channel Array Plate is composed of regularly arranged solid light microchannel arrays. The incident light smaller than the Angular aperture of the product is emitted from the transparent glass channel, while the light larger than the Angular aperture is absorbed by the black glass, so as to realize the constrained collimation of the incident light.

The product is suitable for under screen fingerprint recognition, vein recognition, and palm print recognition on mobile phones. The product is coupled with image sensors, so that pixels can only receive collimated light information corresponding to their positions, thus achieving close-range imaging.

The Optical Micro Channel Array Plate is a solid optical microchannel array glass panel composed of black matrix glass and transparent glass. The performance advantages of the product are as follows:

1. Good collimation performance and process performance.

2. Large-area ultra-thin imaging, solid structure, easy to clean, easy to package, and high strength.

3. The product is easy to produce in large quantities and has low costs.