A Fruitful Trip to the 11th China Information Electronic Expo

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On April 7, 2023, members of the market and technology-related personnel visited the 11th China Electronic Information Expo together.

China Electronic Information Expo is the largest and most comprehensive electronic information expo in Asia and the annual event of the electronic information industry with international influence. The exhibition includes CITE theme pavilion, artificial intelligence technology application pavilion, industrial internet and intelligent manufacturing pavilion, new generation information and communication industry cluster pavilion, new display and application pavilion, electronic life pavilion, big data and cloud computing pavilion, vehicle networking technology pavilion and basic electronics pavilion with nearly 25 professional exhibition areas in nine pavilions.

At the expo, we visited the booths of major companies and had in-depth communication with the representatives of the companies. Through the visit and communication, we got a deep understanding of the application and development of digital technology in various industries, and also learned about the experience and ideas of major enterprises in digital transformation.

At the same time, we focus on our products to explore the potential application market and customers, especially in the industrial display and X-ray related fields:

(1Low N.A FOP: coupled with LCD monitor to control the viewing angle of the output screen. It can be used for the display of central control systems such as ships/aircraft: solving the reflection problem of the display screen on the window and improving the driver's observation effect on the external environment.

(2) Button FOP: coupled with the LCD monitor, forming a dynamic display keyboard, which can dynamically display changing graphics and animations inside the button. Used for car, audio, game consoles and other key devices: overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional mechanical key single function.

(3) Fiber Optic Plate: in the digital X-ray detector system as the substrate of the scintillation screen, the scintillation screen will be X-ray converted visible light transmission to the detection chip, with the characteristics of reducing noise, protecting the sensor and improving contrast. Can be used for industrial non-destructive testing, security detection.

(4) Fiber Optic Taper: image of its large end is reduced and coupled to the CCD/CMOS, can be used as a substrate element of the scintillator, absorbing ray energy, improving coupling efficiency, reducing the size of the CCD/CMOS, and protecting the CCD/CMOS. in addition, we can also combine FOT through the array to achieve large area ray imaging detection.

In this electronic information exhibition, we are full of harvest and deeply inspired and encouraged. Fiber optic products in the field of industrial display and X-ray there are more potential applications waiting for us to develop, let's explore the world together with fiber optic technology!