Staff Birthday Party in October The Company grows with you

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On September 26th, HONSUN & ORTE held a birthday party at the staff club for the management of technical staff born in September and October. The whole party was full of laughter, and various activities at the birthday party. With waves of surprise, everyone's face revealed hidden joy.

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you..." With the familiar melody, the birthday person cut the big cake. Surrounded by blessings, everyone smiled from ear to ear. Zhong Jiujin, a member of the company League Committee and the host of the birthday party, expressed the best wishes to each birthday person. In the meantime, the birthday person also showed their appreciation for the company. In this big family, they felt warmth and love.

Although the birthday party was short, everyone's blessing lasted forever. After the birthday party, strengthen the cohesion of the company and the sense of belonging of employees, also promote the construction of corporate culture. So as to form a good centripetal force and cohesion for HONSUN & ORTE. It also promotes communication and collaboration between employees.

May happiness accompany our employees all the time!