Leaders From NVG Visit HONSUN

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On September 9th, 2016, CEO- Zeng Guiling from North Night Vision Science&Technology Group Co., Ltd(Hereinafter to be referred as NVG), CEO-Su Detang from North Night Vision Technology Co., Ltd and other two peoples visited Honsun. All staff from Honsun have warmly welcomed them.

In the company of directors and CEO-Zhijiang , the leaders from NVG visited the world’s largest FBT production line and China’s largest fiber optic transmission production line. They also visited and instructed various construction sites which is our new expansion production bases.

Both sides have deeply communicated in site management, capacity planing, management mechanism, technology innovation, quality control, development strategy and ect., which have guided direction for the close&deep cooperation both sides in the future.

The leaders from NVG felt very shocked in the rapid development of Honsun’s recent years from this visit. They have more objectively, totally, deeply known the idea, culture, team of Honsun and are confident with the development of Honsun in future.

The leaders from NVG indicated that both sides will strengthen, increase, broaden the cooperation in the follow-up and not only promote cooperation in produce, research but also promote the communication and learn between managements, production leader. And both sides promote the rapid &healthy development of low light night vision in China together.