First football match between HONSUN and ORTE

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On the afternoon of September 29, 2022, with the whistle of the referee, the first football match between HONSUN & ORTE kicked off at Mingzhu Plant.

The competition was eight-man and consisted of three games, each lasting 30 minutes. Four teams (Red Team, Yellow Team, Blue Team, and Orange Team) participated and the order of competition for each team was decided by draw at the start of the competition. The first game was played by the Red team against the Yellow team. With Yellow's captain scoring in the last 10 minutes, Yellow edged Red 1-0, qualifying for the final. In the second game, the Blue team played against the Orange team, and the latter won a landslide victory over the former 4-1, qualifying for the final. In the last game, Yellow team played against Orange team, and the former took home the final victory with an emphatic 3-0 win over the latter.

Throughout the game, each team spared no effort to win. All players fulfill their responsibilities by being highly focused on football. Tackle, dribble, and shoot! Everyone applauded these thrilling highlights, especially when a goal was scored, a salvo of applause and cheering could be heard. The game was really great entertainment.

The football match enriched employees' lives outside of work, fostered the awareness of teamwork, greatly improved the cohesion of the company, and played a positive role in motivating our colleagues to exercise. Appreciation goes to every staff member who organized this event. HONSUN and ORTE have become more wonderful with you!