A Fruitful Trip to the 28th Dental South China International Expo & Conference 2023

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The 28th Dental South China International Expo & Congress (simplified as "2023 DENTAL SOUTH CHINA") was held at Area C of China Import and Export Complex in Guangzhou from February 23 to 26. To get an insight into the current application of our products in the direction of the dental industry, HONSUN's marketing department and related personnel of the Technical Center visited the exhibition.

More than 830 brand exhibitors from more than 20 countries in the dental industry participate in this great event. As a large-scale exhibition after the opening of COVID-19, the lively degree of the scene was beyond imagination, and each lively scene conveyed a powerful signal of the recovery of the dental industry!

Through the exhibition, we learned about the application direction of our products in the dental field, and had friendly communication with relevant customers. At present, our fiber optic products are mainly used in dental light curing, dental mobile phone lighting and DR dental imaging.

Light guide rod for Curing: The main specifications of the product are 8mm, 10mm, 12mm light guide rod, through the total reflection principle of optical fiber, to achieve the transmission of light from one end to the other, with high transmittance, high temperature resistance, stable performance characteristics. Although there are currently one-second curing programs, the light guide rod dental curing program has its absolute cost advantage. It can be sterilized directly and provides better oral temperature comfort for patients. Therefore, the Light guide rod program is still the main program for dental curing.

Light Guide Rod for Dental Handpiece Lighting: From the exhibition, dental handpiece manufacturers have increased significantly compared with the past, dental high-speed handpiece, also known as high-speed handpiece, high-speed pneumatic turbine handpiece, dental drill handpiece, etc. It is a commonly used medical device for dental treatment. The light guide rod can be used in the lighting of dental handpieces, which have stable performance and are convenient for direct disinfection.

Fiber Optic Plate (FOP) for DR Dental Imaging: Dental film, X-ray tube and COMS / CCD are still commonly used in the detection section of this exhibition. FOP maintains key features for X-ray shielding and image transmission. The scintillation screen converts the X-ray into visible light, and the visible light is transmitted to the chip via FOP to protect the CCD chip. At the same time, it has high transmission efficiency of visible light and high spatial resolution.

2023 DENTAL SOUTH CHINA has been rounded up, but we never stop. HONSUN will continue to follow the pace of the medical industry, exploring more new applications of fiber optic products!